Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 1 Reflection and my picture

Now that I have posted my picture, this will be my reflection. ^^

My first impression of SST was a school that had very well mannered students as I was greeted by helpful and friendly seniors when I first entered SST. They did a great job at making me feel at home and I realized that I wasn't the only one who was nervous. I guess I settled down after a while and I managed to make friends with a lot of my classmates especially after the Ice Breakers that were planned for us. I am extremely thankful for the Peer Support Leaders as their sense of humor cracked us up and made us feel more at ease. 

We had a mass cheer session at the school field, which was made up of fake grass (I know!! :DDD ) That was really cool. The mass cheer session was kinda awkward but I'm sure we'll loosen up after the Orientation Camp and all the other activities. I don't know how the PSLs shouted so much under the scorching sun without feeling thirsty. Hehe. 

The PSLs planned tons and tons of interesting activities for us. One of them was to form a long line using anything we had with us (including our shoes). Yeah. Eventually we did end up using our shoes and I think all of us actually got a chance to touch each others' shoes. Yeah. :D But it was REALLY really fun. I think even the shoelace tying part taught us the importance of working as a team and completing activities within the time frame given. In the end, we won first place and also won 5 points for our class! :D 

My goal as an SST student is to maximise my potential and make SST proud. I would also like to know more about my friends' interests and more about themselves. I think the SST community is very different because we strive towards our goals together with our fellow peers. At SST, teamwork is very important and it is definitely something that we need in the future to become successful people. I think SST is an AWESOME school and I am proud to be part of the SST community. 

- Meredith Teo :D

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