Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Class T Shirt (Second and final design)

So i was looking through the feedback i got from my previous design, and many people said the T shirt lacked personality. I couldn't think of 1 item that all of us liked. And then i thought of something! :D I spent about half an hour coming up with this new design in which I combined  the common likings (or not) that we have. I hope you can at least find something you like in here.

1. Soccer (Our male soccer fanatics in class)
2. Minecraft (At least half the class played mine craft at one point of their lives)
3. The Hunger Games (I <3 Peeta)
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (I saw that 3/4 of the class liked it on Facebook)
5. Nyan Cat (Representing internet trends)

I hope you like this more than the previous design, and yes, this doesn't have SST on it because majority of the class didn't want the name, which I'm fine with.

Please comment below on whether you prefer the old design or this design, bu i put in a lot of effort to design this one so it would be awesome if you preferred this.

Thank you! :D

Hello S1-07!
We would be very thankful if you would do the two surveys before Friday, 28 September 2012.
It is not very time consuming and only takes 5 mins. Thank you 

-S107 IRS Group B

Monday, 24 September 2012

Are you willing to pay more to have your name at the back?

Comment yes or no (index number included with the name)

Note: This is all we're going to add. The front design stays, because they charge by how big the design is as well

SST or no SST?

Please comment below on whether you want your school name to be on the shirt or not.
Comment yes or no. (Please do not sidetrack from the question)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Class Shirt Design

It's not possible to satisfy everyone's personal likings so this shirt is very simple (yet nice). This is the final design and everything stated below will all be based on this design.

Please scroll down to do your voting for the type of shirt and color.

Note: The font color will depend on the color of the shirt

Also note that we are not using the T Shirt company in this template. We have already chosen a quality T Shirt company that offers one of the cheapest prices in Singapore.:)

Type of class shirt

Comment below the type of shirt you would like.

1. Cotton Hoodie (No zip) - $27
2. 100% Cotton Crew Neck T shirt - $15
3. Dri fit Crew Neck T shirt - $17

Scroll down and look at the post below this as well

Colour of shirt

Comment below the color you would like the class shirt to be. Choose a color from the picture below. 

Note: Dri fit only comes in White, Navy, Black, Lime Green, Red, Orange and Blue

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Arrangement for Friday I&E Bazzar

Starting Time :9.30am
Ending Time:12 noon

1 - 9.30am - 10.45am -Itmam's Team(Games)+Darelyn's Team(Food)
2  10.45am - 12pm - Joel's Team (Games) + Ziyue's Team (Food)

Itmam's Team: Ji Hao, Tuan Jin, Zi Jie. Kang Zhi, Claudia
Joels's Team: Metta, Yasha, Crystal, Sa
Zi Yue's Team: Meredith, Christopher, Ding Wen, Timothy 
Darelyn's Team: Matthea, Avani, Asritha, Rachit, William

Things to bring for the I&E Bazaar

Can drinks - Ji Hao x200
Styrofoam Box - Avani x1
Toothbrushes - Meredith x6
Ice 18kg - Ji Hao x1 
Plastic Cups - Avani x100
Caps - Avani x10
Bluetack-Metta x1
Basin-Avani x1
Styrofoam plate - metta x1
Box for coupons-Darelyn x1
Hole-puncher - Claudia x2
Towels - Claudia, Avani
Snacks - Buying today

Monday, 16 July 2012

SST Racial Harmony 2012 - CE Period, 16th July

Dear students,

Please await further instructions from your teacher.  Your teacher will go through the CE lesson package with class.  Do click here to access the resources.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Gentle Reminders

Dear 107, Please take note of the above reminders. Lets all play a part to ensure that SST is a conducive and safe environment for us to study and play in. Thanks, Ms Lee

Friday, 20 April 2012

Sec 1 - Cyber Wellness - Netiquette Issues

What it means to be Digital Citizens
Activity 1

Watch the following video and answer the reflection questions.
Post as comments.

Reflection Questions

a.     what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens

b.     do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


“The imminent dangers faced by Digital Citizens in Cyber Space”
Activity 2

Watch the following video and post your responses to the questions that follows:

Did You Know?: Dangers on the Web


Reflection Questions
The questions for reflections include: (Post as Comment)

a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.

b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.

c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?


Cyber Safety Glossary
Activity 3
link to Glossary for Class Discussion


Activity 4
Click on the following link for examples on Netiquette


Master the Basics: Netiquette: QUIZ 

Activity 5 (individual work)

after the QUIZ, review your responses


Class Pledge

Activity 6 (pair work)

 In pairs, students will propose 3 netiquettes to be observed by class and post in Class Blog.

They have to include

(a) the reasons/rationales for this and

(b) the possible consequences of non compliance to the netiquettes proposed


Monday, 5 March 2012


Ms Lee had emailed me that we should just post the homework st the homework blog for consistency. Even if they are not a co-author, they will still be able to view the blog.

Thank you

Claudia. :)

Homework 5/3

English- Summary Writing 5
>Those who have not done
>Due tomorrow

Math- Bring Math File tomorrow
>For filing
- Do the AceLearning tasks
>Should be in your mailbox

Science- Improve your prototype
>Based on Mr Chan's advice

(Tomorrow) Geography- Read pages 13-16 of Geography Maps Textbook
>Try to do pages 13, 16 and 17
-Enter your home address to the Google Map
>Tuan Jin has sent out the invitation for the map already
-Bring a protractor, string of 20cm and a squiggly ruler for tomorrow's lesson

HCL- Bring your HCL File tomorrow
>File in worksheets and notes
>胡老师 will be checking tomorrow
- Do pages 12-14 of workbook
>Refer to your textbook

Scholarship recipients- Assemble at 5.30pm outside music room on Thursday for Celebrations@SST
- You may need to bring an extra set of uniform or return home to prepare
- Wear your court/dress shoes and hair must be neat an tidy
- Remember to smile, say thank you and bow

(Tuesday) Math Olympiad- Be punctual for lesson tomorrow, especially Wong Kang Zhi

S&W- Remember to bring your S&W uniform to change during recess as S&W is last period

Friday, 24 February 2012

Who is the cyber wellness ambassador in our class?

Homework 24/2

Summary of Homework for this week:

English- Level Test essay corrections
>Do in pencil, not in green pen

Math- Math worksheet on Laws of Real Numbers
        - Math worksheet with Venn Diagram (Number Family)
        - Worksheet 3 for those who didn't finish or lost their copy
>Christopher and Metta, complete worksheet 3

Geography- Read pages 2-11 of Geography Textbook and do the quiz in the Textbook
                 - Bring a protractor and a piece of 20cm string or a squiggly ruler on the next lesson

History- Finish up Page 10 of your e-Journal
>Ms Tay will check the next lesson

Science- Finish up your final draft of your performance task vehicle
>Draw the final draft at the bottom of the Hotspot activity sheet (Double A4 size paper)

ADMT- Add color and detail to your logo on GIMP
>Remember Stroke Path, Colour Bucket Fill

HCL- Complete the activity sheet (活动单) using the newspaper (zbCOMMA) pages 0203
       - More on the HCL blog

Friday, 17 February 2012

Homework 17/2

-Design 3 Logos for your name card.
>Not too many details as when Logo shrinks, your logo details will disappear
>Must represent you or something you want to tell others about you
>Eg. If you like soccer, you can draw a soccer ball and customize it with your name

-Homework 3: Force
>Staple the homework sheets together
>Due date is next Thursday
-Worksheet 4: Forces
>Finish page 9 with the help of page 3, 4 and 8

-Real Numbers: Worksheet 2
>Finish pages 1 and 2

Those who have not done their Show and Tell, your turn will be on Monday
>Remember to bring your items that you want to share with the class

I&E presentation is on Monday

For TSC pupils, remember to do the 'fish bone' mind map
For all pupils, do your Lino on HCL Blog
There is comments homework to be done on HCL Blog, do visit the HCL Blog for homework

Make a American/US apple account/ID and download a podcast
Listen to the podcast

Lastly, for the class:
-Class board shopping is on Monday and Tuesday
Monday time-slot: 2.05pm-3.05pm
Tuesday: 1.50pm-3.30pm (unconfirmed)
-Do remember which day you are supposed to be join for shopping
-Lunch will be at Clementi Mall's Mcdonalds
For more details, check with the class exco

For those who have gotten the scholarship, you are required to attend a briefing by Mr Chua on 22 February (Wednesday) from 1340 hrs to 1430 hrs. The venue is the Seminar Room.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Homework 19/2

English- Write a imaginative personal recount on A Day of Life of a Superhero
>Must be written, not typed
>No blood, war, violence allowed in the written piece
>Must be a real superhero (Spiderman, Superman, etc.)
- Revise for Level Test by reading the notes on personal recounts
>The hard-copy notes with Section 4.15 printed on it
>Has a cartoon picture of a girl and boy

Math- Do textbook Exercise 2.5 questions 4a-c in Mathematics Notebook
>Use a pencil and ruler for drawn lines
>Calculator is allowed
>Logistics needed for Mathematics Learning:
1) Math textbook
2) Math 1 & 2
3) Math Notebook
4) Math Workbook
5) LD
6) Calculator
7) Writing Materials

Geography- Add the finishing touch-ups to your fieldwork analysis
>Must have specific timings and explanations
>Eg. Traffic: 11.35am (school hours), 7.40am-10.10am (rush hour)

Science- Prepare for group work page 4, just read through
- Finish up page 3 by yourself

HCL- Highlight descriptive sentences in the notes given
- Read through chinese newspaper
- Memorise good descriptive sentences for Level Test

Last but not least, God Bless/ Good luck for Level Test next week!^^

Monday, 6 February 2012

Duty Roster

Here is the Duty Roster for S1-07

Homework 6/2

Character education
No homework
Prepare for show and tell which is at the end of the week.
Homework 2’s deadline will be extended to Wednesday.
Think of an invention and email it to Ms Choo and the slogan. Describe innovation in any way, and find a youtube video and email it to Ms Choo. And do it by tomorrow.
There is no homework

Friday, 3 February 2012

Homework for 3/2

Watch the video if you have not done so. (By next ADMT lesson)

Finish up worksheet 2 (That was yesterday's homework).
Go home and try to finish up the whole of worksheet 3. 
Finish up the questions in the textbook that are mentioned in worksheet 3. Do the questions in Maths 2. (By next lesson)

Character Education

Finish up my goals worksheet.(By next lesson)

Higher Chinese

File all your worksheets as 胡老师 will be checking our files on Tuesday.
You are supposed to write a composition based on you mind map (you have to use the either《一件令我感动的事》 or《一个影响我最深的人》to write your composition. You have to write at least 350 words.


The summarizer and the note taker have to summarize the most 'possessed person of the group's introduction of him/herself. (The most 'possessed' person is chosen by the group.

All homework are due the next lesson unless otherwise stated. =)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Staying Back

Tomorrow, the EXCO members would want the class to stay back as we have a message to convey. :-)

Homework for 2/2

Just in case some people don't know the new homework blog, I will post the homework here. But tomorrow onwards, I will only post on the new homework blog and if possible, on Facebook.

In your groups, decide who was the most prepared ‘possessed’ person in your group. The summarizer and the note taker have to then work together to summarise what he/she has said. 
Finish up the moodboard. Make sure it is in the JPEG format before submitting it onto the facebook group
Higher Chinese
Finish up the mind maps and try to submit before 5pm today, if you cannot make it due to valid reasons, then hand it up before 12pm tomorrow
There is no maths homework
FInish up the questions in the worksheet if you have not done so.
There is no history homework.

Once again, this is the last time I will post here, unless people want me to post here. Tomorrow's homework will be posted on the new blog ( (The URL was changed, so don't follow Darelyn's post))  :-)

New homework blog

There is a new homework blog. The URL is

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Homework blog

Refer to the following blog for homework from tomorrow onwards:

Homework for 1/2 with deadlines

-Read up on a real life hero. You will be possessed by the hero of your choice and will do a one minute self-introduction. After which, you will be asked questions by your group members.
-Prepare for Show and Tell presentation in the following week. 

Reminder: Complete worksheet 2 and do Exercise 1.3, questions 1(g), 2(e), 3 and 6 of the textbook on Mathematics 1.

Higher Chinese
-MindNode (一件令我难忘的事,一个影响我最深的人)Refer to 我的好朋友 MindNode. Submit it by connecting to SST server (command+k) and drop the MindNode files into the 'Submit' folder in the HCL file of the S1-07 file. Rename the MindNode file in the following format : 
学号--华文名---《一个影响我最深的人》思维导图 and
(Due tomorrow, 3pm.)
-You may want to revise for composition that will be given as homework during the weekend.
-File the notes given today into the Chinese file (purple) and read them.

-Complete the worksheet given today and the eJournal of Lesson 3. (Due tomorrow/next Tuesday)

-Complete Homework 2 : Speed. (Due next Tuesday)
-Do worksheet 3, pg 6 and 7 on 1.3 Average Speed. The average speed of the class is 1.68m/s.

-Reminder: Complete activity 3 on page 7 of the Geography Journal (Intro to Geography) and the rest of page 7 if you have not done so. (Due tomorrow/next Tuesday)

-Reminder: Finish 'The Elements and Principles of Art' shading worksheet if you have not done so. 

Voting for the theme of our class notice board

Dear classmates,
kindly go to and vote for your favorite theme. Remember, you are only allowed to vote Once and you must vote for a theme Other than yours .
Thank you!

A little preview:

Homework 1/2

English: Do research on a ‘hero’ of your choice. An example is Terry Fox.
              -You will be “possessed” by your hero and will have to do a one minute introduction.
              -You will be asked questions by your group members.
Science: Worksheet 3 page 6 and 7 (Due tomorrow)
               -The average speed of the class is 1.68m/s
                 Homework worksheet 2: Speed (Due next Tuesday)
History: Finish History Worksheet (Due tomorrow)
HCL: Do 2 mind maps using Mindnode. (Due tomorrow)
        -Make use of the graph on page 6 and 7 of the chinese notes today.
        -Refer to 我的好朋友 and the notes given today.
        -Detailed homework will be on the HCL Blog
Reminders: There is ADMT tomorrow, make sure you have done The Elements and Principles of Art shading worksheet. There is Math tomorrow, be sure to complete textbook questions 1(g), 2(e), 3 and 6 in Mathematics 1 and Exercise 1.1 corrections. English Show and Tell will be late next week.

Homework for 1/2

Finish up E-journal and finish the worksheet
Finish up ‘Homework 2’ and do the question about your group’s result and  feedback
Higher Chinese
Make a Mind map with Mindnode with the headings ‘一个影响我最深的人‘ and ‘一件令我难忘的是’。 Follow the example given. Deadline on Friday. And file all the things that 胡老师 gave into your file, the content page will be given tomorrow. 
Find out something about your hero and next lesson, let yourself be posessed by your hero

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Homework 31/1 with deadlines

-Prepare for show and tell presentation.

-Complete Worksheet 2, exercise 1.3, questions 1(g), 2(e), 3 and 6, of textbook on Mathematics 1 and do your corrections of exercise 1.1. (Due on thursday)

-Complete activity 3 on page 7 of the Geography Journal (Intro to Geography) and the rest of page 7 if you have not done so. (Due on thursday)

-Complete the eJournal of Lesson 3.

-Do pg 6-9 of the CL Workbook.
-Familiarise yourself with Mindnode.
-Prepare for spelling, it's tomorrow.

-Make an eCard using the application 'Preview', eg. a new year card or valentine's day card.
(Due on next tuesday)

Homework 31/1

English: Prepare for English Show and Tell.

Math: Finish Worksheet 2. Do textbook questions Ex 1.3 in Mathematics 1 Exercise book and do Ex 1.1 corrections.

ICT: Do an e-card using Preview, example for Chinese New Year.

Geography: Do 1a Ocean Continents Geo file, go to For the fieldwork activity, those who brought along their Learning Devices during the fieldwork, air-drop the completed activity to your other group members.

HCL: Learn 听写 Unit 2.

Reminders: There is HCL tomorrow. Do HCL 1A 活动本 until page 9 and do 1A 课本 page 22-23 with the help of pages 19-21. Use Mindnode to map out 难忘的小学老师. For Science tomorrow, remember to think of a procedure (page 6). For History tomorrow, remember to complete ejournal.

From Class Exco: Think of a theme for our board at the back of the classroom , example for Underwater World.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Homework 30/1

Science: Do Worksheet 3: Speed page 6- Procedures.
English: Post whether Nick or Elizabeth is your inspiration on the English Blog, remember PEEL.
HCL: Finish the questions on the HCL Blog, finish pages 22 and 23 with the help of pages 19-21. Do until page 9 of 活动本。Mindnode- 难忘的小学老师
Reminder: Tomorrow has Geography, remember to do page 7 in Geo file.

Homework for 30/1

English: Post about who is your inspiration on the English blog if you have not done so. 
HCL    : finish the story if you have not done so. read page 19 and 20, then do page 21 and 22. homework will also be posted on the class blog.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Homework 27/1

Math: Textbook Exercise 1.2 questions in Exercise book(Mathematics 2) and Worksheet 2 Question 7.
ADMT: Elements and principles of Art- Shade the shapes.
CE: Getting to know you- Those whom haven't done, pass up on Monday.
HCL: (Yesterday) HCL blog, fill in the questions.
Geography: Finish the Geography File page 7 and download/view the documents from SST google sites. Bring a camera phone or a camera and an umbrella in case it rains on the next Geography lesson.
Science: Worksheet 3: Speed page 7. One group member post answers for page 7 on the Science blog.
Optional: Go and join 'SST Physics Q&A' on Facebook.

homework for 27/1

ADMT: Finish the other two shapes in the shading worksheet
SCI      : One person from the science group post the answers to the questions on the science blog
MATHS: Finish question 7 on worksheet two
               Finish exercise 1.2 in textbook.
CE: finish the about me paper if you have not done so

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Homework 26/1 Edited version

Maths: Finish the questions in the exercise book (Mathematics 1).
ADMT: Try to practice drawing without pencil, this is optional.
Geography: Finish the Geography File page 7 and download/view the documents from SST google sites. Bring a camera phone or a camera and an umbrella in case it rains on the next Geography lesson.
HCL: Homework will be posted on the HCL blog
Science: Worksheet 3 page 5, use Moving-Man to help you graph.

homework for 26/1

Maths: finish the questions in the maths textbook
ADMT: try to practice drawing without pencil, this is optional
Geography: Finish the activities and download the things from google sites Bring a camera phone or a camera and an umbrella in case it rains
HCL: homework will be posted on the class blog

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Homework for 25/1

History: Finish E-Journal
Science: Finish the second page of the new science worksheet
HCl Homework will be posted on the HCL blog

Absentees: Itmam

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Homework for CNY

Eng: finish the Obama worksheet if you haven't done so.
AMDT:No homework
Science: finish the new worksheet by next thursday
Maths: Finish up the factors and multiples worksheet

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Homework 19/1 Edited version

Admt: watch the video in the Facebook group
HCL: homework will be posted on the HCL blog
Maths: complete the worksheet
Sci: try the conversion wk by tomorrow Finish the other wk by next thurs
Hist: download the documents if you did not manage to do that in class
HCL: WB page 3&4
Sign dental form and MUST return tomorrow

Homework for 19/1

Admt: watch the video in the Facebook group
HCL: homework will be posted on the HCL blog
Maths: complete the worksheet
Sci: try the conversion wk by tomorrow Finish the other wk by next thurs
Hist: download the documents if you did not manage to do that in class


Dear 107,

Please remember to bring and sign the dental form that you have received tomorrow! Remind one another. As well as those who have yet to hand up the acknowledgment slip for the Assessment schedule. Please do so by tomorrow.

Thank you!
Ms Lee

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Homework 18/1

1. English oral presentation the next time we see Ms Sng (Check English Blog)
2. English document on Barack Obama (Body language)
3. HCL workbook pages 1&2
4. Geography File page 6

This is to help those who want to do their homework early and to save the EXCO members trouble.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Homework 17/1

1. Bring Blue(eng) file
2. Geography Page 6
3. Maths WS (do in pencil if you want)
4. Remember to sign the exam acknowledgement slip.

Monday, 16 January 2012

HCL Inquiry

My fellow classmates, it would be very much appreciated if you inform me of the Higher Chinese pages to be done and what you highlighted in the textbook. I am in doubt as I have just purchased my Higher Chinese reading materials. Thank you for your help.

Matthea Koh (6)
Homework is to just finish the three science questions on the science blog.