Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Homework 31/1

English: Prepare for English Show and Tell.

Math: Finish Worksheet 2. Do textbook questions Ex 1.3 in Mathematics 1 Exercise book and do Ex 1.1 corrections.

ICT: Do an e-card using Preview, example for Chinese New Year.

Geography: Do 1a Ocean Continents Geo file, go to http://www.maps.com/games/quiz-asia.aspx. For the fieldwork activity, those who brought along their Learning Devices during the fieldwork, air-drop the completed activity to your other group members.

HCL: Learn 听写 Unit 2.

Reminders: There is HCL tomorrow. Do HCL 1A 活动本 until page 9 and do 1A 课本 page 22-23 with the help of pages 19-21. Use Mindnode to map out 难忘的小学老师. For Science tomorrow, remember to think of a procedure (page 6). For History tomorrow, remember to complete ejournal.

From Class Exco: Think of a theme for our board at the back of the classroom , example for Underwater World.

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