Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Homework for the week(requested by Avani)

1.Answer science questions in the blog
2.ICT movie about a discovery you have made on your Macbook.
3.Geography mindmap.
4.Revise the words for 第一课. (Only for HCL pupils)
5.Complete 阅读活动 (Only for HCL pupils)
6.Discus making
7.Science group information.
8.Ask your parents about the magazine subscription.
9.Sign the HCL form. (Only for HCL pupils)
10.Bring the 3 red folders for next Science lesson.
11.Get your 词语手册 by next week. (Only for HCL pupils)
12. Bring 2 sheets of newspaper (myPaper size) for I&E lesson.
*Feel free to edit this post if you guys have any more homework/reminders to add in.