Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Homework 1/2

English: Do research on a ‘hero’ of your choice. An example is Terry Fox.
              -You will be “possessed” by your hero and will have to do a one minute introduction.
              -You will be asked questions by your group members.
Science: Worksheet 3 page 6 and 7 (Due tomorrow)
               -The average speed of the class is 1.68m/s
                 Homework worksheet 2: Speed (Due next Tuesday)
History: Finish History Worksheet (Due tomorrow)
HCL: Do 2 mind maps using Mindnode. (Due tomorrow)
        -Make use of the graph on page 6 and 7 of the chinese notes today.
        -Refer to 我的好朋友 and the notes given today.
        -Detailed homework will be on the HCL Blog
Reminders: There is ADMT tomorrow, make sure you have done The Elements and Principles of Art shading worksheet. There is Math tomorrow, be sure to complete textbook questions 1(g), 2(e), 3 and 6 in Mathematics 1 and Exercise 1.1 corrections. English Show and Tell will be late next week.


  1. Science WS is due next tuesday. Pls change thanks!

  2. also bring the maths factor and mulitples tmr too

  3. How come for me, you guys comment what I missed out. But for Darelyn, you all keep on praising her?