Thursday, 9 February 2012

Homework 19/2

English- Write a imaginative personal recount on A Day of Life of a Superhero
>Must be written, not typed
>No blood, war, violence allowed in the written piece
>Must be a real superhero (Spiderman, Superman, etc.)
- Revise for Level Test by reading the notes on personal recounts
>The hard-copy notes with Section 4.15 printed on it
>Has a cartoon picture of a girl and boy

Math- Do textbook Exercise 2.5 questions 4a-c in Mathematics Notebook
>Use a pencil and ruler for drawn lines
>Calculator is allowed
>Logistics needed for Mathematics Learning:
1) Math textbook
2) Math 1 & 2
3) Math Notebook
4) Math Workbook
5) LD
6) Calculator
7) Writing Materials

Geography- Add the finishing touch-ups to your fieldwork analysis
>Must have specific timings and explanations
>Eg. Traffic: 11.35am (school hours), 7.40am-10.10am (rush hour)

Science- Prepare for group work page 4, just read through
- Finish up page 3 by yourself

HCL- Highlight descriptive sentences in the notes given
- Read through chinese newspaper
- Memorise good descriptive sentences for Level Test

Last but not least, God Bless/ Good luck for Level Test next week!^^


  1. there is a chinese homework you missed

  2. 19/2??? i thought it was 9/2!!!!

  3. Avani, you yourself posted that. You put in the date as 19/2