Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Homework for 1/2 with deadlines

-Read up on a real life hero. You will be possessed by the hero of your choice and will do a one minute self-introduction. After which, you will be asked questions by your group members.
-Prepare for Show and Tell presentation in the following week. 

Reminder: Complete worksheet 2 and do Exercise 1.3, questions 1(g), 2(e), 3 and 6 of the textbook on Mathematics 1.

Higher Chinese
-MindNode (一件令我难忘的事,一个影响我最深的人)Refer to 我的好朋友 MindNode. Submit it by connecting to SST server (command+k) and drop the MindNode files into the 'Submit' folder in the HCL file of the S1-07 file. Rename the MindNode file in the following format : 
学号--华文名---《一个影响我最深的人》思维导图 and
(Due tomorrow, 3pm.)
-You may want to revise for composition that will be given as homework during the weekend.
-File the notes given today into the Chinese file (purple) and read them.

-Complete the worksheet given today and the eJournal of Lesson 3. (Due tomorrow/next Tuesday)

-Complete Homework 2 : Speed. (Due next Tuesday)
-Do worksheet 3, pg 6 and 7 on 1.3 Average Speed. The average speed of the class is 1.68m/s.

-Reminder: Complete activity 3 on page 7 of the Geography Journal (Intro to Geography) and the rest of page 7 if you have not done so. (Due tomorrow/next Tuesday)

-Reminder: Finish 'The Elements and Principles of Art' shading worksheet if you have not done so.