Friday, 20 April 2012

Sec 1 - Cyber Wellness - Netiquette Issues

What it means to be Digital Citizens
Activity 1

Watch the following video and answer the reflection questions.
Post as comments.

Reflection Questions

a.     what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens

b.     do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


“The imminent dangers faced by Digital Citizens in Cyber Space”
Activity 2

Watch the following video and post your responses to the questions that follows:

Did You Know?: Dangers on the Web


Reflection Questions
The questions for reflections include: (Post as Comment)

a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.

b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.

c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?


Cyber Safety Glossary
Activity 3
link to Glossary for Class Discussion


Activity 4
Click on the following link for examples on Netiquette


Master the Basics: Netiquette: QUIZ 

Activity 5 (individual work)

after the QUIZ, review your responses


Class Pledge

Activity 6 (pair work)

 In pairs, students will propose 3 netiquettes to be observed by class and post in Class Blog.

They have to include

(a) the reasons/rationales for this and

(b) the possible consequences of non compliance to the netiquettes proposed



  1. a. It means being on the internet and using it to interact and communicate with other people.
    b.Yes,they do. We are communicating with real people on the internet,so we must also have the responsibility and respect for them.

  2. Activity 1:
    a) It is to be citizens of networking sites for example Facebook users.
    b) No respect and responsibility do not exist in cyber space because some people can be anonymous and hence others don't know who that person is.

  3. part1 a) A digital Citizen is someone who communicates and uses the net.

    b) Respect and responsibility do exist in cyber space as people respect each other's perspective and takes responsibility for their commments, posts and what they download

  4. a) What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens?
    A digital citizen or netizen is a person who uses the Internet or any other social platforms to game or communicate.
    b) Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?
    No and yes. Some disrespectful users deface or bully other innocent netizens due to personal issues or fun which is unacceptable. Yes because some people use it correctly.

  5. a) Digital citizens are people who uses the internet or a social network.
    b)NO. Everyone have the freedom of speech, which is why they forget their manners and damage the use of the internet.

  6. a. Digital Citizens are people who use the Internet.
    b. They do exist in Cyber Space, anytime, anywhere. It is same as speaking, just that it is on the Internet. You still have to respect other people, same as your normal speech.

  7. a. A digital citizen/netizen is basically anyone who uses the Internet.

    b. Yes, values like respect and responsibility do exist in Cyber space. Even though we are communicating via the internet, there is a living person sitting behind the computer. Insulting anyone online is almost the same as insulting them face to face.

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  9. a. it means that we are online users of the internet and that we use the internet to do many things like socializing and doing research and many other school work.

    b. It does. We have to respect other people's space and we cannot insult other people on the internet.

  10. a. What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens?

    Ans:I feel that being a netizen is just to know more about the world around you.Although it is true that we have the freedom of speech, but it is wrong to make hurtful comments.

    b. Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?

    Only some parts of the cyber space have these values. Most of the cyber space have the "freedom of speech" and usually make hurtful comments as they are behind the screens and they think no one will know that he/she is doing it.

  11. a. what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens?
    It means to be a user of social websites like Facebook and twitter. Where every post and comment of oneself is seen within seconds, let's say milliseconds on the internet.
    b. do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?
    Yes, they do. We need to have respect when commenting on someone's post and or on someone and also we need to take responsibility of the comments and posts we make. Even though we have a freedom of our words on the internet, we need to be aware of what we are posting and go by the important rule " Think before you comment or post"!

  12. activity 1)
    a) Being a Netizens means that the particular person uses the internet to communicate with others.
    b) Respect might not exist on the internet, as the users are anonymous

  13. Activity 1:

    a. What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens?
    Ans: It means to be a user of the Internet, especially a habitual and addicted one.

    b. Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?
    Ans: Yes, they do. However, these values are not recognized online. No one really cares what they do on the internet, it is called,"Freedom of speech". Thus, even if respect and responsibility exist on the web, cyber-bullies still exist.

  14. Activity 1
    a. It means that we had to watch our behavior and what we post on the net and on social platforms.
    b. Yes, they do. Without them, the internet will be chaotic and people will get hurt emotionally so respect and responsibility do exist on the net.

  15. a) It is to be users of online sites such as Facebook or twitters.
    b) Hardly any users on the internet demonstrate respect and responsibility as they are often practicing 'freedom of speech' and often respond in an uncivilized manner to things. However, it is important that we demonstrate respect and responsibility online.

  16. a. It means to have an account or simply just using social sites and services. Being active makes you an active netizen.

    b. Yes it does, we must still have respect and responsibility, as stuff we post and comment will be public to the entire internet, and if the victim finds out, he will feel very depressed and may affect tho lifestyle.

  17. Activity 1

    a. A digital citizen or netizen is a user of the web

    b. The values like respect and responsibility exists in the web. Netizens have to respect each other and have the responsibility to think before acting

  18. Activity 1)
    a) It means that you use the internet/computer very frequently.
    b) Yes as in the cyber world we must respect others like we do in the real world.

  19. Activity 1
    a) It is someone who uses the internet
    b)Yes, they do exist in some netizens. If they did not exist, the web would be an even more dangerous place than it is now. We should try to behave with respect and responsibility both in the real world and in cyber world.