Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Class T Shirt (Second and final design)

So i was looking through the feedback i got from my previous design, and many people said the T shirt lacked personality. I couldn't think of 1 item that all of us liked. And then i thought of something! :D I spent about half an hour coming up with this new design in which I combined  the common likings (or not) that we have. I hope you can at least find something you like in here.

1. Soccer (Our male soccer fanatics in class)
2. Minecraft (At least half the class played mine craft at one point of their lives)
3. The Hunger Games (I <3 Peeta)
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (I saw that 3/4 of the class liked it on Facebook)
5. Nyan Cat (Representing internet trends)

I hope you like this more than the previous design, and yes, this doesn't have SST on it because majority of the class didn't want the name, which I'm fine with.

Please comment below on whether you prefer the old design or this design, bu i put in a lot of effort to design this one so it would be awesome if you preferred this.

Thank you! :D