Wednesday, 4 January 2012

(20120104) School Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Part 1:
An Introduction to what SST stands for (In a nutshell: Vision, Mission, Values and Goals)
by Mr Johari

In this part, you will be introduced the School Vision, Mission, Values and Goals. What SST stands for.

Vision: A Globally Connected Institution of Science and Technology
Mission: To develop world-ready adn future-looking leaders through innovative technology and applied learning
Values: Forging Excellence. Building an Empowered Community. Expanding Learning Networks.

Part 2: Demonstrating my Understanding & Making Connections

Through this part, your class will examine two of the "C"s closely, attempt to understand the rationale and meaning behind each C and how they are connected to the mission statement through a performance task.

You will examine the "C" assigned to your group closely.

Activity 1a: Discussion & Online search (30min)
(i) Carry out an online research on the meanings of the "C" assigned to the group.
(ii) List down positive role models who demonstrate the "C" (e.g. Sir Edmund Hillary - Mount Everest)
(iii) Put down your findings on a butcher paper, which will be displayed on the class notice board.

Activity 1b: Discussion (20 min)
On the butcher paper,
(i) List down positive characteristics of the "C" (e.g. What courage is
...) and what the "C' is not (e.g. What courage is not...)
(ii) How should SST students demonstrate that C... In studies, attitude, CCA

Activity 2: Production (40 min)
The performance task requires the group to consolidate the "C" through an artistic/aesthetic expressions eg drawing, skit, song etc.

Your "product" presentation should be between 2.5 to 3 minutes.
  1. Sound/good definition that is aligned to school values
  2. Artistic/aesthetic expression
  3. Effective use of technology
Not to upload until the class showcase is over.

Part 3: Class Introduction
The class will also create a brief class introduction that will include the "Cs" using media.
This would be posted into the class blog.

Part 4: Product Showcase & Assessment (30 min)
Each group will showcase the product, that must include
(i) Artistic/aesthetic product
(ii) Verbal presentation (audio recording fine too)
  • After the presentation and once it is approved, the representative of the group will upload the product(s) to the class blog.
  • Give a title to the blog post. E.g. "Courage by Group 1"

Note that the "distribution" of Cs will be as follows:
  • S1-01 Affective – Commitment & Citizenship
  • S1-02 Affective – Confidence & Citizenship
  • S1-03 Affective – Courage & Citizenship
  • S1-04 Social – Collaboration & Citizenship
  • S1-05 Social – Communication & Citizenship
  • S1-06 Social – Cross Cultural understanding & Citizenship
  • S1-07 Intellectual – Curiosity & Citizenship
  • S1-08 Intellectual – Critical Thinking & Citizenship
  • S1-09 Intellectual – Creative Thinking & Citizenship

Affective - Personal Effectiveness
Social - inter Personal Effectiveness
Intellectual - Intellectual disposition

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