Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflection from... Matthea Koh Reg.6

Since I already used the only photo I had taken in school, this blog
post will just be my reflection. Meeting my form teacher and new
classmates was easy and i wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.
Ms Lee is very nice and friendly, her favorite color is Orange and her
birthday falls on the 28th of March. Getting to know new friends was a
piece of cake as my class has the most number of girls. We have 10
girls and 14 boys in our class, only short of 4! Pupil Leaders were
very funny and made us feel more comfortable with their humorous

The mass cheer session was fun but we had to sit under the blazing
sun. As most of my classmates, at the mass cheer, have not made close
friends yet, they all started playing with the plastic grass on the
field. It seems they found it easier to make friends with grass, just
kidding! Moving on to the Ceremonial celebrations... I was awed by our
principal, Mr Chua, as his speech was truly inspirational. The words
of encouragement from the Guest-of-Honour was really worth a
tremendous applause too. However, we had to sit through a long
presentation of the code of conduct, rules and regulations.

The ice-breakers held by the Pupil Leaders was enjoyable and I finally
laughed in my new school. We also got a chance to familiarize with our
classmates. The mass games held at the Multi Purpose Hall was just
splendid. We worked together as a class and for the sake of our class,
we even touched others' shoes! Still, it was worth it as we ended up
winning 5 points for our class! Since this blog post is so long, our
continue in another post.

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  1. Sorry, my learning device keeps on changing my spelling. 'Favorite' is suppose to be 'Favourite'.