Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflection from... Matthea Koh Reg.6

My first impression of SST is a school where I can further my interest
in Science and Technology. It is a school which is cool and advanced.
My goal as an SST student is to make my school proud and show others
what SST students are capable of. We are super, smart and talented!
I would like to know more about their interests, maybe even everything
about themselves?
SST is a community as we have team work and always do everything as a
team, as a class, as a school. Seeing my seniors, they have really
gone the extra mile and worked as a team during the Food Donation
Drive. This is what makes SST a community, a community with a big
heart! We have a heart!
What is so different about this community? This SST community has come
together as a school and achieved so much in so little time. We learn
differently but help one another in the process. We strive towards
excellence and goals of becoming a school which produces pioneers of
our future society. This community has given us the chance to be
pioneers, that is what makes SST different, this is what makes it so

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