Friday, 17 February 2012

Homework 17/2

-Design 3 Logos for your name card.
>Not too many details as when Logo shrinks, your logo details will disappear
>Must represent you or something you want to tell others about you
>Eg. If you like soccer, you can draw a soccer ball and customize it with your name

-Homework 3: Force
>Staple the homework sheets together
>Due date is next Thursday
-Worksheet 4: Forces
>Finish page 9 with the help of page 3, 4 and 8

-Real Numbers: Worksheet 2
>Finish pages 1 and 2

Those who have not done their Show and Tell, your turn will be on Monday
>Remember to bring your items that you want to share with the class

I&E presentation is on Monday

For TSC pupils, remember to do the 'fish bone' mind map
For all pupils, do your Lino on HCL Blog
There is comments homework to be done on HCL Blog, do visit the HCL Blog for homework

Make a American/US apple account/ID and download a podcast
Listen to the podcast

Lastly, for the class:
-Class board shopping is on Monday and Tuesday
Monday time-slot: 2.05pm-3.05pm
Tuesday: 1.50pm-3.30pm (unconfirmed)
-Do remember which day you are supposed to be join for shopping
-Lunch will be at Clementi Mall's Mcdonalds
For more details, check with the class exco

For those who have gotten the scholarship, you are required to attend a briefing by Mr Chua on 22 February (Wednesday) from 1340 hrs to 1430 hrs. The venue is the Seminar Room.

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