Friday, 24 February 2012

Homework 24/2

Summary of Homework for this week:

English- Level Test essay corrections
>Do in pencil, not in green pen

Math- Math worksheet on Laws of Real Numbers
        - Math worksheet with Venn Diagram (Number Family)
        - Worksheet 3 for those who didn't finish or lost their copy
>Christopher and Metta, complete worksheet 3

Geography- Read pages 2-11 of Geography Textbook and do the quiz in the Textbook
                 - Bring a protractor and a piece of 20cm string or a squiggly ruler on the next lesson

History- Finish up Page 10 of your e-Journal
>Ms Tay will check the next lesson

Science- Finish up your final draft of your performance task vehicle
>Draw the final draft at the bottom of the Hotspot activity sheet (Double A4 size paper)

ADMT- Add color and detail to your logo on GIMP
>Remember Stroke Path, Colour Bucket Fill

HCL- Complete the activity sheet (活动单) using the newspaper (zbCOMMA) pages 0203
       - More on the HCL blog

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